“ The Multnomah County Health Department is pleased to honor Mercy and Wisdom Healing Center for their compassion and dedication to making Multnomah County a healthier place to live.”
—The Multnomah County Health Department, April 2008

“ I have received health care from Mercy and Wisdom since June of 2007. Dr. Lu is my primary provider and provides such a myriad of treatments to address my health issues, which makes such a difference in aiding my body to heal itself. In addition, other volunteers and students have provided acupuncture and varied forms of massage. I feel like this clinic is a “community” center, devoted to making a difference in each of our lives. The prices are more than reasonable, giving access to professional services that I normally would not be able to afford. ”
— Arisana

“ The Reiki Treatment was awesome! Just kick back, relax and let it happen. ”

“ My experience here has always been extremely helpful and accurate. I have learned so much in the process that I want to learn as well. The treatments and herbs are working wonderfully. I truly appreciate everything. ”

“ I have been coming here for a little over 2 years and the quality of life and overall improvements I have received from the treatments are beyond words. I went from being unable to walk without assistance to complete independence. I am looking forward to being able to go back to work eventually. ”

“ I have received the best care – via body/energy work in over 6 years and with the sliding scale fee, I can actually afford to properly care for myself. My gratitude is endless for all the help. ”