Community Garden

Our community garden project was created by our lovely social worker team back in the end of 2013.  We build the community garden for patients and providers on the clinic property by transforming a portion of the parking lot into a usable and accessible garden that will promote mental and physical health. Additionally, we will integrate a visible stormwater management element through creation of a rain garden. The rain garden will be a great contribution to the community garden because it will improve overall drainage for the property and ensure water is safely managed away from our building foundation.

A community garden is important for our neighborhood because this community lacks grocery stores and green spaces. Through the garden, we want to accomplishseveral goals. First, we want to decrease hunger among patients who are experiencing food insecurity. Second, we want to provide a green space as most of the Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood is covered in concrete with limited trees or vegetation. Third, the garden will provide an area for practitionersto grow medicinal herbs for treatments. Finally, as an alternative health clinic we focus on health care solutions that treat the whole patient. To this aim the garden provides a green space to exercise, communicate and learn about gardening while growing food.

With two years of works, we have gotten the garden started and growing fruits and vegetables.  We are looking for volunteers to participate in operation of our growing garden.

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List of most important contributors to our community garden (in random order), we are forever grateful for what they have accomplished to help our community.


Allison Rose

Melissa Hockett

Alexandra Sergeeva

Eddie Li

Alice Longley

Hannah Heller

Jennifer Twohig


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