Oshin Worthington, ND

Oshin is queer, non binary, transmasculine and uses they/them pronouns. They dedicated their time in medical school to clinical shifts focused on providing comprehensive and affirming primary health care to transgender and gender diverse patients. They completed clinical rotations with Dr. Leslie Nicholas, who piloted the first Transgender Medicine shift at NUNM’s main clinic in 2012, and Dr. Maleah Ermac on the Transgender Medicine shift at the NUNM main clinic and NUNM’s community clinic at Mercy & Wisdom. They also spent many of their clinical preceptorship hours observing patient care with Dr. Angela Carter, who founded The Equi Institute, a community health, research, and advocacy center dedicated to serving the LGBTQQI and gender diverse community in Portland, Oregon.

Oshin practices anti-oppressive, body-positive, sex-positive, and gender-affirming health care for all people with emphasis placed upon the use of modalities that encourage and support the body’s own healing process. They love working with botanical medicine, food as medicine, lifestyle counseling, homeopathy, UNDAs, cell salts, and Bach flower remedies.

Oshin also underwent additional training in constitutional homeopathy and the Cycles & Segments approach to homeopathic prescription through the New England School of Homeopathy with both Drs. Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg. Homeopathy is one of their favorite tools!

Dr. Worthington is available for appointments on Thursdays. Schedule an appointment online here or over the phone at 503-227-1222.