Sponsor an Event

To find out how you can sponsor an event, contact us.

Mercy & Wisdom Health Clinic recognizes that a healthy, thriving community depends on involved businesses, citizens and corporate partners to continue moving forward. Supported sponsorship will be consistent with Mercy & Wisdom’s mission of “helping the low income, holistic minded, and uninsured achieve health through affordable, integrative medical care.” Through financial contributions and in-kind donations, we lend our support and service to causes in our service area that:

  • Promote health and wellness
  • Improve the lives of disadvantaged and under-served populations
  • Support culture and arts
  • Promote economic development

Local non-profit, charitable and/or health-related organizations or groups are welcome to submit sponsorship requests to Mercy & Wisdom. Sponsorship requests include financial donations, in-kind or material donations, advertising, or volunteer resources.

Sponsorship requests should be submitted in writing to:

Mercy & Wisdom Community Health Clinic 7411 SE Powell Blvd. Portland, OR 97206 Or sent by email to contact@mercyandwisdom.org. Please call (503) 227-1222 if you need assistance in submitting a sponsorship request.

Sponsorship requests will include:

  • sponsorship requester information (address/day phone/email)
  • a description of the charity/program/event
  • the constituency affected by the request
  • pertinent deadlines
  • the specific donation requested
  • check payment information

Please allow a minimum of 14 business days for consideration of your sponsorship request. The requester will be contacted if the sponsorship is approved.