Get Rid of Allergies!

San Fu Patch Therapy for immune support, alleviate allergies, lung problems and heart health.  This Chinese acupuncture treatment can help with many diseases. Referred to in China as “Winter Disease Point Sticking” , is the application of effective herbal medicines to make into a paste that is sticking to the back of body points to treat the symptoms of a recurring or worsening chronic, respiratory diseases and pollen allergy. Because the dog days are the httest time of the year and the highest point of yang in the human body, the medicine can run very will in the hot weather.

3 select days this summer come in for application of the patches and feel the difference in your system all through next year.

July 12

July 22

August 11.

Call now for appointment Special price for Mercy and Wisdom Patients $120 ( regular price $150)

Health Talk Sunday May 21st

Biofeedback Therapy

Join us Sunday May 21, 2017 with Dr Steve Chamberlin ND, LAc

Zen Meditation Group   9 -10 am 

Health Talk   10-12 am 

7411 SE Powell Blvd Portland, Or 97206 – Enter side door for Mercy and Wisdom Event Space

The Low Energy Nuerofeedback System (LENS) – learn the many benefits of biofeedback therapies. A non invasive form of treatment for many health challenges.

Free entry

Donations to Mercy and Wisdom Health Clinic appreciated

Zen Meditation Study Group Starting May 18th

Have you been waiting for a chance to learn meditation? Now is the time to get started.
Zen Meditation helps

  • Calm our bodies and minds
  • Relieve pressure and anxiety
  • Bring peace and insight into our lives.

We will practice Zen meditation and study Zen Buddhism in order to use the Buddha’s teachings and wisdom in our daily life and learn what it means to be enlightened.
It is free.
Donations welcome to support our Mercy & Wisdom  Community clinic.

The group will be meeting every Thursday 2:00-3:00 pm starting May 18th.
8401 SE Powell Blvd. Portland. OR 97266.

For details or registration please call 503-227-1222.